Cars with tinted windows stopped being allowed into Poland

Poland is gradually returning the rules that applied to Ukrainian motorists until February 24 this year. A few days ago, they announced that entry into the country is now possible only with a “green card”, and now it has become known that cars with tinted windows will not be allowed to cross the border.

According to the UNN publication , cars with a degree of tinting of the windshield and front passenger windows exceeding 10% were no longer allowed to enter Poland. These norms were in force in the country earlier, but no one warned that they were returned again. According to eyewitnesses, it is because of the tinting that a number of cars have already been blocked.

“No one warned that the rules were tightened. And it turns out that you pass the Ukrainian border, then you drive up to the Polish one – they tell you that they will not let you through because of the tinting, and you have to return back to Ukraine. Remove the tint and go through all customs again, ”said eyewitnesses.

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