How to become a webcam model in Livejasmin – review of Livejasmin webcam site

  1. Video chat Livejasmin – an overview of the most famous webcam site
  2. Benefits of the Livejasmin website
  3. How do webcam models work for Jasmine?
  4. Registration on Livejasmin
  5. Model Center on Livejasmin
  6. Categories of models and types of shows
  7. celebrity
  8. hot flirt
  9. Nude
  10. Amateur
  11. free show
  12. How much do models get paid (royalty percentage)
  13. Withdrawing money from Jasmine
  14. Promotion in Livejasmin
  15. Chat Rules
  16. Main types of chats and rates
  17. How much do webcam models earn on Livejasmin?
  18. How to increase income in Livejasmin?
  19. Schedule
  20. good camera
  21. Chips and ideas
  22. Room decoration
  23. Lovense toys
  24. Feedback from those who worked for Livejasmin
  25. Veronica, 24 years old
  26. Nadezhda, 29 years old
  27. Daria, 19 years old
  28. Dinara, 39 years old
  29. Conclusion

On the Internet, there are often stories of web models who successfully earn money in video chats. Some of them earn over $10,000 per month . What unites the wealthiest? All of them work with the best sites, where there are a lot of viewers, favorable conditions and a rich set of features, one of them is Jasmine.

How to become a webcam model in Livejasmin ? We made a detailed review of the Livejasmin webcam site, because this is one of the top platforms, real professionals work here, and the audience is the most generous. A huge plus is that the resource is translated into Russian, although you mainly have to communicate with foreigners.

Video chat Livejasmin – an overview of the most famous webcam site

We launched the Livejasmin webcam service in 2001. Almost from the moment of its creation, it became the leader of video chats and remains in the TOP to this day. Previously, all adults were hired, then there were requirements for appearance, camera and room, all this is manually checked by moderators.

Millions of users visit Jasmine every day, models earn a lot of money, most of them work in the nude format, but you can run a show without erotica. For those who are not ready to undress, several categories have been created here, flirt and chat, not everyone is naked on camera.

Newbie? Don’t want to bother? Want to start chatting faster? Register in the Camwork studio , professionals will help you create an account and explain what you need to do.

Even if you don’t have the coolest camera or doubt your external data, feel free to register. At a minimum, the Amateur category will open and you can get to work. Below we will show you how to create a Livejasmin account, set up a page, withdraw money and get the most out of the chat.

Benefits of the Livejasmin website

Tens of thousands of models choose to earn Livejasmin, because this video chat has a lot of advantages. There are those who have been working on this platform for many years and do not even consider analogues. The main benefits of Jasmine:

  • High attendance, mainly foreign audience;
  • The members are very generous;
  • You can work without undressing;
  • A mobile application for broadcasts is available;
  • Many ways to withdraw funds;
  • Russian language is supported;
  • Competitions are held for models;
  • On Livejasmin, the model center is very convenient;
  • A calculator is available to calculate the expected profit;
  • There is a setting for blocking countries;
  • Several ways to earn;
  • Responsive 24/7 support;
  • Deductions of models reach 100%;
  • Payments are made every 2 weeks;
  • Not only girls are allowed to register.

The main audience of the site is residents of Europe, so without knowledge of foreign languages ​​it will be difficult. Also, before registering, you should work on your appearance, decorate the room beautifully and buy a normal camera, otherwise, the possibilities will be very limited.

How do webcam models work for Jasmine?

Girls and guys register in a video chat to start online broadcasts. Live, they can show anything, there are no requirements for nudity. If you look at other people’s shows, you see nudity, but this is the choice of the models themselves. Many just flirt and communicate, while earning good money.

Livejasmin video chat review

What exactly are they paying for? Spectators throw tips in the chat, these are gifts with arbitrary amounts. They may pay to perform certain activities or to activate sex toys. They also have the opportunity to invite the model into a closed room to chat tête-à-tête. In this mode, every minute of communication is paid.

webcam model Livejasmin

The cost of a minute of conversation in private, the model sets at its discretion. It makes sense to set the minimum value for an effective start. In fact, all the work comes down to communication, you can talk about yourself (without revealing personal data), share stories, joke, discuss trends, and so on. Donations and other profits collected on the balance are withdrawn every two weeks (we will tell about payments separately).

Registration on Livejasmin

It is not difficult to become a model on this platform, but so that beginners do not have any questions, we have made step-by-step instructions. Already today you can start the first stream, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to the main page Livejasmin Model Center is the official service for registering models, where you will see the corresponding button:
how to become a livejasmin video chat model

  1. A page opens where all 4 stages of registration are presented. The first one asks you to enter your email address and create a password:
create an account in Livejasmin

  1. At the second step, they are asked to choose the type of account, “Single Account” is suitable for individual models:
select account type in Livejasmin

  1. It is necessary to decide in advance in what style the broadcasts will be conducted. There are several options here, we will talk about them separately. In short, Nude is nude, while Hot Flirt is for those who want to stay in their clothes. Here you need to come up with a nickname for yourself:
nude category in Livejasmin

  1. The following form must be filled in with real passport data. This is a prerequisite in all video chats, because it is necessary to verify the identity to confirm the age:
personal data in Livejasmin

  1. Then they are asked to fill out another form, where you need to tell about your appearance. According to the parameters of the models, they can search in the search, so fill in all the fields correctly:
Livejasmin model data

  1. The specified confidential data is available only to the moderator, viewers on broadcasts will not know their real name or age. To confirm the entered information, you need to submit documents:
Passport verification in Livejasmin

  1. First, the type of identity card is selected, its number and validity period are indicated. Then a page for downloading scans opens. If you have chosen a passport, you will need a copy of the main page, the registration page, and you will also need to take a selfie where you are holding the document in your hands:
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upload documents to Livejasmin

Please note that images must be of high quality. They are manually checked by the moderators, if they notice any discrepancy or have questions, they will be asked to provide additional photos. Verification takes up to 24 hours, the decision comes to the mail.

Model Center on Livejasmin

When the registration of the Livejasmin model is completed, without waiting for the approval of the documents, it is allowed to enter your personal account. The interface is convenient, for beginners, a hint immediately appears on what needs to be done first:

account created by Livejasmin

While your account is being verified, there is time to complete the rest of the steps – download the program to start streaming, read the FAQ, read all the sections and fill out the model profile. The Livejasmin personal account looks like this:

livejasmin model center

Everything is in Russian, you immediately understand where to click and what to do. On the control panel there is a block with a description of the program for models, as well as a link “How to install”. Below is a block with video instructions, statistics are presented on the right and it is proposed to download a mobile application. Now let’s look at the vertical menu:

  • Statistics – Displays income data. You can see how much time was spent chatting, the average income per hour, and it is also convenient that the information is divided by type of earnings.
  • Profile – account management, you can view or change personal data, set prices for privates, ban countries, tell about yourself, and upload photos or videos.
  • Members – Displays a list of users who have paid for a paid subscription. On Jasmine, you can create fan clubs and provide access to them for money. Models post exclusive content there.
  • Messages – in addition to the fact that through this section you can exchange personal messages with users, you can also contact support from here. There is also a wall where you can share something in your account.
  • Music library – so that the broadcasts are not gray and boring, models are encouraged to use musical accompaniment. Collected entire collections for every taste.
  • Payout – so it is clear that this section collects data on the withdrawals made. Detailed statistics, as well as payment details are indicated here and there is a FAQ on payments.
  • Earn more – by selecting this menu item, many additional sections open. Models are offered to connect interactive toys, launch mobile broadcasts, set discounts, and more.
  • Help – here you will find detailed information about the site, instructions and manuals. You can contact the operators, read the news, study the rules, get acquainted with the levels of deductions.

On Livejasmin, models are logged in through a separate site. The interface is very convenient, and for beginners, we recommend that you immediately walk through all the sections in order to quickly familiarize yourself with it. In the future, you need to use absolutely all the functions in order to squeeze the maximum profit.

Categories of models and types of shows

When registering, you must decide on the type of broadcasts. There are 5 options to choose from, depending on what the model plans to show live, you need to select the appropriate format:


Available only to girls, nudity is prohibited. You can conduct any stream without erotic content. This is monitored by moderators, if this category is selected, you can not post explicit photos on your profile or use sexual nicknames. There are several popular categories here:

  1. Appearance – an image is created that can be traced in the manner of communication and the design of the room. The dress code is strict, appearance plays a major role, you need to look stunning. No hints and provocations for sex, there should not even be a bed in the frame.
  2. Soul Mate – models from this category are chosen by those who are looking for a soul mate. You need to attract with conversations and personality, not appearance. The members cry, talk about problems, ask for advice, and so on. In general, something like a search for friendship.
  3. DJ is a format for musicians, talents are demonstrated on broadcasts. Someone sings, someone mixes, and someone plays musical instruments. Even here, privates are supported, in which they go to learn something or just chat face-to-face with a talented performer.
  4. Dancer – webcam models very often use the language of dance for cool shows. This is a separate category for dancers who are ready to perform at home in front of the camera. Nudity is not allowed, but sexual pole movement or twerking is allowed.
  5. Fashion – such shows are run by fashion specialists. They show the audience the art of make-up, professional make-up, pick up bows, make unimaginable hairstyles and show other creativity in appearance. Often body painting is also demonstrated here.
  6. Love Life Adviser – translates as “love adviser.” Something like a relationship psychologist who is ready to provide support. The authors give advice to families, help lovers reunite, understand themselves or diversify their sex life.
  7. Fitness – by the name it is already clear that we are talking about sports. Any physical exercise will do to run the show. At the same time you take care of your body and earn money, very convenient. The authors show different things, perform tricks, give advice on healthy eating, demonstrate their own achievements.
  8. Cosplay – This category is also popular in categories where nudity is allowed. With the help of make-up and clothes, the models transform into fairy-tale characters. It could be Cinderella, the little mermaid, Lara Croft, March Simpson, Alice in Wonderland, any superhero. Not only the appearance is important, it is necessary to enter into the image.

From this list, you can pick up an interesting idea for your shows. Try to combine topics, come up with something of your own, any feature helps to stand out, and the competition is high here.

hot flirt

Exposure is allowed, but mostly the model remains in clothes. You can also choose any style from the list above. Many use this option, and undress exclusively in private. The emphasis is on dating and flirting.


The most popular category where nudity is allowed. Be careful, there are restrictions on Jasmine for free chat, so it’s better not to show too explicit scenes. This format is divided into several types:

  • Girl – a loner girl.
  • Mature Female – for women over 30 years old.
  • Fetish – linking the show to some kind of fetishes.
  • Gay is a single or couple guy.
  • Boy – only single guys.
  • Transgender – transvestites, transgenders, transsexuals.
  • Couple – work in pairs.
  • Lesbian – show with 2 to 4 girls.
  • Amateur – beginner, male or female.
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You need to choose based on your gender and orientation. Everything non-standard and original attracts increased attention (lesbies, couples, transgenders, etc.).


Home, in this category there are no strict requirements, models are allowed even with not the best camera or whose appearance is not very attractive. In order not to have to wait long for moderation, choose this category and start streaming from anywhere without much bother. True competition in this section is very high.

free show

Exposure in the free chat is allowed, but you will work on third-party resources. Too explicit scenes in Free Chat are prohibited on Jasmine, so broadcasts will be available in other video chats, but at the same time, the model will not have to register anywhere, she will continue to work through the Livejasmin Model Center.

How much do models get paid (royalty percentage)

One of the most important criteria when choosing a webcam site is the percentage of deductions for models. How much do they get from spending viewers. On Jasmine, it depends on how much money was earned during the period:

LevelTotal incomeDeductions
oneUp to 250$thirty%
78000$-15 000$65%
eight15 000$-30 000$70%
nineFrom 30 000$80%

At the end of the period, all models move to the first level and everything starts all over again. The rate applies to almost all income, with the exception of victories in contests and profits from the affiliate program. If the private is not launched from a free chat, the commission is 5% less.

Withdrawing money from Jasmine

When a new model first enters the payout section, they are asked to select a country and fill out a short form. After that, a page opens where you can select the available withdrawal methods. Transfers are available to users from Russia and a number of neighboring countries to:

  • webmoney;
  • Paxum;
  • ePay Service.

In your personal account, you must specify a wallet so that funds are transferred to it every 2 weeks from the balance of the model account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, the maximum is $10,000. If necessary, you can use the immediate payment of funds, but for this you will have to pay 1% commission (from $5 to $150).

Promotion in Livejasmin

Not every model Livejasmin earns decent money. To succeed, you need to promote your profile, gain fans, make the audience fall in love with you. Money in video chats is given with great difficulty. You need to somehow stand out, catch the audience, and also go into the chat as often as possible. Useful promotion tips:

  • Start broadcasting for 6-8 hours daily in the first couples;
  • Add as much information as possible to your account, fill in all fields;
  • Upload photos and videos to your profile more often and more;
  • Create model pages in social networks;
  • Use all the features of the Livejasmin website;
  • Communicate more actively with fans in private messages;
  • Take part in competitions and promotions from the administration;
  • Launch a fan club and delight your fans with exclusives.

Development takes time, the more time you spend online, the better. By the features, image and unusual style of the show, you will slowly begin to be recognized, and the popularity of the webcam model greatly affects the number of viewers.

If you want to build a successful career, we recommend visiting the Webcamrabota24 website . This is a real encyclopedia of webcam business.

At first, do not pay attention to income, they will not be so high. You need to be patient and just stream, over time the income will increase, it all depends on the activity. It is also important to follow the rules of the video chat in order not to run into problems.

Chat Rules

Some newcomers, having seen other people’s broadcasts and spicy shows, naively believe that censorship is completely absent and you can do whatever you want in the chat. This is not so, especially on Livejasmin. This platform differs from analogues in more strict rules that few people study before starting work. Brief summary:

  • Only the model that registered can run the show from the account;
  • Other persons not registered in the chat are not allowed in the frame;
  • Even talk about pedophilia, suicide, bestiality and other tin is forbidden;
  • During the broadcast, the model is not allowed to leave the frame for a long time;
  • You can’t beg for money (cry and pull out gifts);
  • It is forbidden to sleep online or pretend to faint;
  • You can’t eat or use your phone in the free chat;
  • It is forbidden to exchange, transmit or receive contact information;
  • You can not advertise other sites or brands;
  • At the request of the administrator, the model must respond quickly;
  • The show must match the selected category;
  • You can not mislead the members (promise, and then merge);
  • Pass off a recorded show as an online broadcast.

The punishment for violation is different, they can issue a fine or even block the account. There are not so many rules, it is not difficult to study them, and always be on the lookout, because there are users who deliberately provoke you to violate the video chat charter in order to file a complaint later.

Main types of chats and rates

The work of a webcam model usually begins with Free Chat, this is a general broadcast that random users can look at. The mode of operation is possible and only in private, i.e. you are online on the site, but without a camera and waiting for an invitation. Overly explicit scenes are prohibited in the free chat on Jasmine, but there are other modes:

  • Member chat – this function is used when a private is launched on another site. It is necessary to go into it, so as not to violate the rules of the platform.
  • Private chat is a closed room, the client pays for such communication every minute. Peeping is possible (for a fee without access to the chat, see someone else’s private), and you can also arrange a private for a group of members.
  • VIP show – first, a pre show is launched and the necessary amount is collected to move on to something more interesting. If the required volume is not collected, the show is canceled, the money is returned to customers.

How much does communication cost? Models themselves set price tags, it can be amounts from $2.5 to $20. At first, it is better to set low prices, until the model has become mega popular, you need to lure the members with something.

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How much do webcam models earn on Livejasmin?

This is the most popular question for which it is impossible to find an exact answer. The problem is that the income is floating, the models receive different amounts from month to month. Every two weeks, TOP 3 in terms of earnings are published on the main page of the model center:

How much do webcam models earn on Livejasmin

Based on reviews, novice models make about $1,500 a month, mid-level models get about $3,500, and the most successful ones earn over $10,000 a month. To achieve this level, you need to promote your account, conduct stable broadcasts and make them as interesting as possible.

If you are interested, you can read a separate article – how much top webcam models earn , the numbers will definitely surprise you.

The most difficult is the starting stage, when no one knows you and nothing happens. It takes time to get comfortable, and the easiest way to learn everything is to sit on the broadcasts of experienced models. See how they behave, what they do, what actions help them motivate viewers for gifts.

How to increase income in Livejasmin?

It is realistic to start earning good money from the start if you work at a professional level. Beginners do not bother much, register, turn on the camera and just chat. The approach is not entirely correct, you need to prepare for broadcasts. Good advice:


Experienced models try to keep the show as long as possible, because every minute online is an opportunity to catch a generous client. They spend at least 40 hours a week, allocate the same amount of time to any days, preferably at night and follow the plan clearly. The schedule must be set in the profile, fans will be guided by it in order to catch you on the site.

good camera

Unlike most other cam sites, Jasmine has set requirements for camera quality. If the resolution is too low, they will only be allowed to work in the Amateur category, and this negatively affects income. It is better to buy a normal webcam right away, especially since it is not such an expensive pleasure. What models to consider?

  • Logitech C922 Pro Stream;
  • Logitech HD Webcam B525
  • Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p;
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • Logitech Brio;
  • Logitech HD Webcam C930e.

You can save a lot by buying on bulletin boards. It is also important to provide good light, because no camera can shoot well in the dark. At first, you can use a smartphone.

Chips and ideas

Shows should not be like everyone else, you need to do something interesting and unusual to grab attention. Change clothes, choose non-standard poses and angles, discuss absurd topics, use makeup, use accessories. Masks are not welcome in Livejasmin, there are a bunch of other options:

  • Put on a show in pantyhose;
  • Smear with oil;
  • Transform into a vampire
  • Loud and unusual laugh;
  • Depict the behavior of animals;
  • Sing and dance on the stream;
  • Be a lady in a leather suit.

You need to achieve such an effect that people start talking about you – “Did you see a girl … in a chat.” Then, only when they get to the broadcast, users will already understand what will be shown to them now. Any chip shows individuality, and the more unusual it is, the better.

Room decoration

There are also requirements for a workplace on Livejasmin. The background must be bright and beautifully designed. Style is not important, the main thing is that your “corner” looks fresh and catchy. You will see a bunch of ready-made options if you go to the broadcasts of other models. No grandmother’s carpets and shabby walls.

Lovense toys

Lovens offers a range of remote love toys. These are smartphone-controlled vibrators. They can be connected to the chat and set up a reaction to the receipt of tokens. Users are motivated to make gifts to see the girl’s emotions:

Lovense toy webcam models

In the reviews, the girls say that with such devices they manage to raise profits by 30% -200 %. Just order them on the official website, there are a lot of fakes, and from there you are guaranteed to receive goods (plus a guarantee).

The most popular Lush model, we recently talked about an analogue – the Lovense Nora vibrator , it also connects to video chats.

This is not all that you need to learn to successfully make money in video chats. But even if you take into account these points, you can already count on development. Jasmine is a demanding webcam site, so elite models mainly work with it.

Feedback from those who worked for Livejasmin

It’s not hard to find reviews of webcam models about Jasmine, because the service has been working for a long time and pays steadily. These are mostly positive comments, in which they note a generous audience, user-friendly interface, rich functionality and a number of other advantages:

Veronica, 24 years old

I have been working for Lifejasmin for 2 years. 100-150 dollars per shift. At first it was very difficult, the profit was low, and hands dropped. I believed in myself and gained a base of regular customers, I try to please them by arranging shows with different fetishes. I plan to continue to develop my success.

Nadezhda, 29 years old

Three times I tried to start working as a webcam model, but each time I quit. At first, the studio did not like it, then they blocked it in one video chat. Now I use Jasmine and everything suits me here. The members are really generous, although I had to learn English in order to communicate with them. Even free chat makes me about $100 a day.

Daria, 19 years old

I worked as a sales assistant in a store and as a waitress, I don’t want to hunchback for a miserable penny, and even listen to orders from my superiors. I accidentally saw an article about webcams and tried it. In 3 months I earned almost 100,000 rubles, not bad for a beginner, I already know that experienced models earn much more, there is something to strive for.

Dinara, 39 years old

I go to online chat for a part-time job, I have my own small business. I am always glad to see me here, because I am a model with a lot of experience. Without spending a lot of time, it comes out to about $ 1000 per month. I have a friend who makes $2500-$3500 monthly, but she literally lives on Livejasmin.

Negative reviews are also found and most often they express dissatisfaction with profits. This is not surprising, it is really hard to compete with real beauties on this site, not everyone succeeds in attracting a lot of viewers to their broadcasts. But if you manage to get promoted within the framework of this platform, you definitely won’t have to complain about income.

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