About 200 occupiers in civilian cars who escaped from the Liman spotted in Luhansk region – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About 200 occupiers in civilian cars who escaped from the Liman spotted in Luhansk region - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The invaders are fleeing their positions or surrendering, they say in the General Staff. Photo: Facebook/GeneralStaff.ua

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes that due to the success of the Defense Forces in certain areas, a decrease in the level of the moral and psychological state of the enemy personnel was noted.We continue to fight the occupier on the information front, providing only verified information and analytics.The war deprived us of the opportunity to earn money, we ask for your support.

As stated in his message , this leads to numerous cases of military personnel being taken prisoner and leaving their positions, in particular, militants of the “People’s Militia of the LPR” who participated in the occupation of the Liman community of Donetsk region.

“Before the liberation of the settlement of Liman , individual enemy units tried to withdraw deep into the temporarily occupied territories. Thus, on September 30, in the area of ​​the settlement of Shchastya, a convoy of civilian cars and minibuses was discovered, in which there were more than 200 servicemen from the 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupation troops,” it said.

Negatively, according to the General Staff, delays and a decrease in the level of promised payments for participation in the war on the territory of Ukraine affect the military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In addition, it is reported about the confirmed destruction on October 1 of the occupiers’ ammunition depot near the settlement of Tavriyskoye, Kherson region, and the destruction of seven tanks and up to ten vehicles in the Chernigovka region, Zaporozhye region. Information about the losses of personnel is being specified.

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Aviation of the Defense Forces delivered four strikes during the day. In particular, the defeat of two places of accumulation of weapons and military equipment, as well as two anti-aircraft missile systems of the enemy was confirmed. In addition, Ukrainian air defense units shot down eight Iranian-made Shahed attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

During the current day, rocket troops and artillery hit five command posts, 14 areas of concentration of manpower, weapons and military equipment, three warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants, as well as more than 15 other important objects of the occupiers.

It is noted that over the current day, units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Zaitsevo, Bakhmutskoye, Bakhmut, Otradovka, Pervomayskoye, Disputed and Vyemka. All of them are located in the north-east of the Donetsk region. At the same time, the enemy did not conduct active offensive operations in the Novopavlovsk and Zaporozhye directions.

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